Case Study: Motorola

Strategy and Media Design Management


Motorola's UI media group (in Mobile Devices) was in need of management support. A key member of the team was focused in new technology, which left a gap in organizing and driving digital design language efforts. Also, the team consisted largely of junior designers in need of mentoring and direction.

My contribution

In a short amount of time, I helped conduct a weeklong global design language summit. Once devised, I documented the resulting strategy and began managing design exercises that delivered on the strategy. Projects included the creation of icons and wallpaper for the ROKR device, a design direction for Motorola's first full finger touch device, a gallery of wallpaper and screensavers for global use, and interface designs for new features.


The group benefited from my structured approach and my direct reports began to take on leadership roles. We successfully delivered media designs for a wide variety of products. We also improved overall design quality and consistency through tighter critiques and clearer communication of design direction decisions.

Case Study: Motorola