Case Study: USWeb/CKS

Art Direction and Management


During the early days of the commercial internet, I was a partner in a web design firm that joined USWeb. Once in USWeb, we combined with several other firms to create the Chicago office. As a combined group, we had practices in e-commerce strategy, technology, and creative (the creative practice was known as the Branding, Identity and Design Group).

My contribution

Early in USWeb, I was the sole designer responsible for design and build of our sites. Once in the combined office, I managed a team of designers, information architects, and front-end developers, making multiple hires to build our team. I was a contributor to the creation of a cross-disciplinary methodology and lead the formation of a regional steering committee that fostered sharing of resources and knowledge across offices in Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Minneapolis.


In 2000, our full design group successfully designed and delivered six multi-million dollar accounts within a six to nine month period of time. We also assisted in delivering solutions for major accounts in our region.

Case Study: USWeb/CKS