Design management

As manager of creative teams, I focus on four priorities that lead to success:


Establishing a strategic direction for the group is key to driving towards success. Groups without a clear strategy suffer from ambiguity and frustration. I work quickly to establish a vision, set goals and standards for the group, determine how the group will be organized and establish how the group will deliver its product. When executed early, strategic planning brings clarity for the creative team and all stakeholders.

Team management

When working with teams, every day can present a new challenge. I believe keeping an even keel, a sense of humor, an eye on the vision and an open mind are critical to keeping the team in sync.

Some of my values about leading a team:

  • Keep clear roles and establish mutual respect
  • Communication and expectations yield clear results
  • Listen to the team and encourage their contributions
  • Keep discipline in order to function effectively
  • Help team members build career skills, not just for the deliverables
  • Encourage, support and recognize team members
  • Have fun and be passionate

Creative direction

As a creative lead, I encourage designers on the team to contribute their best ideas. I can be a contributor to design concepts or a partner in bringing forward a solid design solution developed by the team. In critiques, I push designers to hone their work to meet the communication challenge at hand. My belief is that the strongest interactive designs achieve a balance of creativity and usability—and always provide value to the end-user.


The only satisfaction greater than delivering that final product is knowing that a pleased client will receive it on the other end. Getting there, though, means hitting each milestone along the way, on-time and on-budget. Since my teams communicate with stakeholders often and keep focus on the project's objective, we finish strong.

Management Diagram